Batch Crop App

Batch Crop is available at Mac App Store!

Cropping and resizing are ones among the important processing techniques for digital images. It is not infrequent that you have many photos for which you want to apply and only apply cropping and resizing operations. You usually have to resort to apps that are overkilling, with the distractive operations such as opening files and saving result.

With Batch Crop, you can open all your photos to be cropped in one shot, and navigate among them smoothly with all required cropping/resizing tool at hands.

4条回应 to “Batch Crop App”

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    […] Mac App Store 上发布的应用 —— Batch Crop。前几天终于把 1.0 版提交给 Apple iTunes connect […]

  2. Batch Crop iOS Mobile App ID 353911845 Says:

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  3. Batch Crop iOS Mobile App ID 544226587 Says:

    […] (App ID 544226587)Genre or Category: PhotographyPrice: $4.99Version: 2.2Developer: Dong Feng at 3.5 out of 5, by 7 usersContent Rating: 4+File Size: 1.29MRelease Date: August 2, […]

  4. tamsuiboy Says:

    感谢您开发此程式, 对于时常需要切割书籍扫描档的我来说是个方便的助手, 目前我用的是 Ver 2.2 (4), 目前发现一些小问题, 期待下个版本能修正这些问题, 谢谢!

    1. 视窗放大缩小时, 切割前图片视窗及切割后图片预览视窗无法随之放大缩小, 以至于一些图档上较小的字体无法分辨清楚而影响切割范围的人工判别

    2. 目前切割大小只能用滑鼠拉动切割框, 但无法使每次拉动的范围保持水平固定或垂直固定, 能否修正为与ㄧ般绘图软体相同操作方式, 于滑鼠拉动时同时按住Shift按键保持水平固定或垂直固定

    3. 同上切割大小问题, 可否 Crop Size 与 Crop Center 等坐标及大小都增加输入框, 以便可以直接输入尺寸大小而不必每次都使用滑鼠拉动(与原本 Crop Settings 里的 Fixed Size 不同, 此处指的不是所有图片的固定大小, 而是每张图片的个别大小尺寸)

    感谢您的付出, 谢谢! ^^



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